Press Release
The Caligari Film Prize, presented by the German Association of Municipal and Cultural Cinemas in cooperation with the German magazine FILM-DIENST, will be awarded for the 28th time in 2013.


The Caligari Film Prize is conferred annually to a stylistically and thematically innovative film screened at the Berlinale Forum. The award likewise acknowledges the special significance that this section of the Berlin International Film Festival has for cultural cinema.


Sponsored by the Municipal and Cultural Cinemas and FILM-DIENST, the Caligari Film Prize includes a €4,000 endowment, half of which is given to the award recipient while the other half is used to fund the distribution of the winning film in Germany.


Since 2011, the Trikoton company has joined us as a sponsor of a unique ancillary prize: the young and innovative Berlin fashion label awards a blanket from their "Voice Knitting Collection" in which excerpts from Guiseppe Becce's score to the expressionist silent film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari are knitted into the design.


The Caligari Film Prize 2013 goes to "Hélio Oiticica",
Cesar Oiticica Filho, Brazil 2012

Prizes of the FIPRESCI Juries (Prêmio da associação internacional de críticos de cinema)


The juries of the "Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique" (FIPRESCI), the international film critics association, view films from the Competition programme and the Panorama and Forum sections. They award a prize for the best film in each of these sections.




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